Nothing is more important than a first impression. A potential client's decision to do business with you is often based in large part of how professional your image is. Simple as they may seem at first glance, creating a very effective headshot requires a sophisticated photographer capable of understanding the branding of your business and translating that into a visual message.


High-end studio

We have a wide array of backdrops to produce a high-end studio look, whether you're looking for a sophisticated and powerful look by using a black or dark gray background, or simply choose a white backdrop to evoke "clean, virtuous, healthy."

I bet you didn't know colors evoked emotion. There have been studies done actually and here's a really neat blog that talks about color choices.


on-location lifestyle

Choose a location (ideally your business store-front) for a lifestyle approach. A great choice for real estate agents who want to be photographed in front of a prestigious property or a service provider that need an image to show what they do. In the photography industry, this is called an 'environmental portrait' and you can find a sample of this in our gallery.

On-Location Headshot Sample - Sacramento







Come on, a Facebook Fan/Business page DOES NOT qualify as a company website. We have simple and cost effective solutions for creating a professional web presence. We will gladly talk to you about how we can create a professional looking business without spending a fortune--seriously!  


Image Gallery

Product Photography Sacramento

So, we're not only headshot gurus but professional commercial photographer(s) as well. Yes, it does start with a headshot but we can also expand on that by producing high-end "commercially-polished" images of your products and services. 


your products & services

Professional images of your products and services is an extension of the quality of your business. If you have poorly shot images of your products/services, then it's time to talk to us about a solution.  

Commercial Headshot - Lifestyle - Sacramento


Print Advertising (Brochures/Mailers)

We also offer solutions for creating brochures that stand out. Creating a professional brochure could make or break your sale to prospects. Having a highly effective brochure could mean a $1,000,000 order.